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Creative Development

Bringing Depth to Your World and Characters


I work with you to create a world full of characters that'll hack your reader's brain into feeling everything they're feeling. I prepare a three-generational family tree with individual narratives that organically impact your protagonist/antagonist's personal story. When it comes to world lore, I write in the same way. I use historical events and figures, realistic cultures, and more to help create something that will make your world feel more developed and complete. 

Which Do You Need?

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Fictional Character

Here we work to hack your reader's mind into feeling empathy for your characters. We do this by creating writing a background story for them that'll help you understand and inspire your narrative writing.

Family Photos in B&W

Our family, or lack of family, life has a real impact on our lives, especially our behaviors and personalities. We also know that genetics can impact these same parts of our psyche. Your characters should be impacted the same way.

Ancient Carvings

World events, historical figures, and mythology can impact any fictional world's narrative. Good world lore can make or break any authors story. That's why having a wide-range of cultural events and figures can be great inspiration.

Ready To Talk?

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